LiveDataset Overview

Start here to find your way around LiveDataset.


LiveDataset Project Approach

We can build sophisticated integration and provide customization to your specific requirements.

But to start we recommend a gradual, phased approach.

0 No integration Everything looks like a spreadsheet. Data is entered via grid or file upload. Data is consumed online or via Excel.
1 Simple integration There is some automation e.g. frequent file uploads or generating a PDF reporting pack at the push of a button.
2 Custom reporting Data is accessed using a dedicated, read-only interface. Data input and editing uses LiveDataset. There is a customized portal for end-users to consume the information. And it is easy to switch between the read-only portal and LiveDataset for editing data.
3 Fully custom LiveDataset is used as a framework “behind the scenes”. Most components are fully customized for both reading and writing data.

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