LiveDataset Overview

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Performing Important Calculations


  • A series of spreadsheets calculates important information.
  • Not clear enough. Formulae are difficult to review and maintain, hidden away in cells.
  • Not reliable. Errors always creep in when repeatedly copying changes from one cell to thousands.
  • IP Vulnerability. When you send someone a spreadsheet they have all the calculations. And you cannot protect your Intellectual Property.

All the above have a direct impact on scalability.


LiveDataset supports the configuration of calculation trees that are transparent, reliable, protected, and scalable.

This simple example shows sales data being aggregated.

How It Works

  • LiveDataset calculations are defined in one place. No more copying formulae.
  • Data structures are organized like a database without needing SQL or coding skills.
  • Calculations are performed on highly-scalable, secure servers.


  • Calculations are much more reliable as they can be easily audited.
  • Reduces risk to intellectual property in proprietary algorithms.
  • High scalability and resilience.


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