LiveDataset Overview

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Business Processes


  • A business process is needed, information passes through several steps.
  • The process must work continuously, emailing and collating spreadsheets would cause chaos.
  • IT must focus on other, more mission-critical projects.


Here is an example of a Project Governance solution. It uses linked datasets, so you can see all the milestones, risks, and issues for one project at a time.

How It Works

  • Building a system with LiveDataset is like building with Lego. Datasets are the building blocks. Just snap them together and adjust as processes evolve.
  • This advanced use of LiveDataset requires you to think like a System Architect. But there is no technical specification for programmers. Instead you instantly build a working protoype. Just add data and you have fully-fledged, multi-user, global system.


  • Rapidly protoype and deploy new systems.
  • Allow business processes to grow organically.
  • Versatility to respond to new requirements as management and priorities change.
  • Flexible integration options to send and receive data from other systems.


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