Advanced LiveDataset

Link datasets together to build online systems.


Set Up Forms for Data Input

To set up forms, you need account admin access to modify a view:

  1. Go to the view you want to configure.
  2. Press MORE then Modify view .
  3. Select tab.
  4. Use checkboxes to configure when to use a form.


Under Add entries, if “using form” is checked , then:

  • Pressing on the grid, will create a new entry and switch to the form where the user can complete the entry.
  • If the user can add “using grid” and add “using form”, the user is given a choice.
  • If neither option is checked, the user cannot add entries.

Under Edit entries, if “using form” is checked , then the user can use the form to edit an entry by either:

  • Clicking on to left of an entry on the grid.
  • Pressing while using the form to view an entry.


Sections make it easier for users to work with wide views by grouping similar columns together and allowing users to navigate directly to another section.

On a form, sections are shown as headings in the left sidebar. See how to set up sections.