Advanced LiveDataset

Link datasets together to build online systems.


Merge Data into a Dataset

There are four ways LiveDataset can import data into a dataset.

1 New Dataset Creates a new dataset and imports entries.
2 Import Adds entries to an existing dataset.
3 Merge Import plus updates existing entries.
4 Merge with full reconciliation Import plus deletes missing entries.

To merge data into a dataset you need to prepare the data and prepare the dataset.

Preparing Data for Merge

Data must be organized

  • As a rectangle of rows and columns.
  • Top row must be column headings.

LiveDataset will recognize

  • Dates formatted as yyyy-mm-dd.
  • Simple numeric formats.
  • Other data will be treated as text.

TIP You could export data into a spreadsheet to help you get the format and column headings right.


Preparing Dataset for Merge

To merge data into an existing dataset:

  • You need to use a view with permission to add/edit/delete entries.
  • And the dataset must be configured for uniqueness.
  • And the dataset must be configured to allow imports.
  1. Press MORE then Modify dataset
  2. Select tab.
  3. Ensure at least one column has “ Unique key” set. (See Uniqueness for more information.)
  4. On tab, make sure the option Allow importing of entries is checked.


Start Merge

Press MORE then


You can import data from a file or by pasting from your clipboard. The process for both methods is very similar.

TIP If you do not see the option to select full reconciliation, this dataset does not have a unique key defined and imported entries will be appended to the dataset and not merged.

Full Reconciliation

You can merge with or without full reconciliation.

  • Merging with full reconciliation can update, insert, and remove entries.
  • Merging without full reconciliation will only update or insert entries. It will never remove entries.

As entries are merged, the key for each entry being imported is compared to keys for existing entries in the dataset to see if they match.

Merge with full reconciliation Merge without full reconciliation
Keys match: Dataset entry is updated. Dataset entry is updated.
Imported key not found: New entry in dataset. New entry in dataset.
Existing key not found: Entry deleted from dataset. Existing entry is not changed.

Check Data before Merging

LiveDataset will then check it can read the data before importing.

Use “View details” for a preview of the data being imported. It will show any

  • Errors
  • New entries being added
  • Existing entries being updated or deleted

TIP We recommend you check “view details” as you start using import and merge, especially if you are using the full reconciliation option.


You will be prompted to confirm the data should be merged.


Import history

The import history shows a full record of past imports to this view. The numbers show how many entries were loaded, updated, deleted, had errors. You can click on the numbers to download those entries.