Using LiveDataset

Edit data and create datasets you can share.


Import Data into a Dataset

LiveDataset can import data into an existing dataset. See Create from file if you want to build a new dataset.

To import data into an existing dataset:

  • you need permission to add entries to that dataset
  • and the dataset must be set to allow imports

Import Appends Data

In most cases, the data you import into the dataset will be added as new entries.

If instead, you want the new data to be merged into the existing entries, see Merge data into a dataset.

Preparing Data for Import

Data must be organized

  • as a rectangle of rows and columns
  • top row must be column headings

LiveDataset will recognize

  • dates formatted as yyyy-mm-dd
  • simple numeric formats
  • other data will be treated as text

TIP You could export data into a spreadsheet to help you get the format and column heading right.


Start Import

Press MORE then



You can import data from a file or by pasting from your clipboard. The process for both methods is very similar.

Upload a file

LiveDataset can import data from:

  • .xlsx or .xls spreadsheet
  • .txt tab-separated text file

Click in the grey dotted area, then select the file to import or drag a file to this area.

Paste text

  1. Click to select text area then paste data from your clipboard (Ctrl-V)
  2. Press

Check data before importing

LiveDataset will then check it can read the data before importing.

Use View details for a preview of the data being imported and details of any errors.



You will be prompted to confirm the data should be imported.