LiveDataset Overview

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What is LiveDataset?


LiveDataset is online software (software as a service). It combines the best parts of spreadsheets and IT systems, making it quick and easy to build online business applications.

Data is organized in datasets, where data can be securely shared and updated by lots of people.

People can be given different access to different parts of a dataset using views. So they can focus on the parts they need to work on, and cannot access data they are not authorized for.

You can use datasets for routine business processes, ad hoc projects, anywhere you organize and share information.

Creating datasets is very quick, you can even import spreadsheets.

And if you ever used a spreadsheet, you’ll feel right at home inside a dataset

  • Checking information
  • Making changes
  • Sharing with other

LiveDataset is the easy way to work with your data.

And configuring datasets, is equally easy just switch into design mode. You don’t need to write code or complex formulae.