Using LiveDataset

Edit data and create datasets you can share.



You can personalize how you work with LiveDataset views and datasets using bookmarks.

  • To suit your own working style.
  • To find and focus on parts of the data at different times.

Difference between Views and Bookmarks

Like a view, you can use a bookmark to adjust the columns and entries you see in the grid.


  • A bookmark cannot be shared with other people, it only affects how you see the data.
  • You do not need access to design mode to work with bookmarks.
  • A bookmark is based on a view and can only show you data in that view.


  • Unlike bookmarks, views are intended for dataset designers to configure how other people see the data.
  • You need account admin access to use design mode to change views – and you can make more advanced changes than you can with bookmarks.


View Bookmark
Can be shared with others?
Is account admin access required?
Are advanced changes possible?
Shows data in a … Dataset View

Automatic Bookmark

Whenever you make one of these personalization changes …

  • SORT

…LiveDataset will automatically re-apply your personalization changes when you return to this view.

In the background, LiveDataset creates an automatic bookmark. And because it happens automatically, you may have already used this without noticing.

Named Bookmarks

You can also save and name your bookmarks. This lets you have several bookmarks per view and easily switch between them.


To Create a Named Bookmark

  1. Personalize this view by changing SORT , FILTER , or COLUMNS .
  2. Click on , select .
  3. Name your bookmark, press Save .



In the example shown below, the named bookmark “Canyon & Gold Projects” is based on the view “My Projects”.

  • A filter only show entries for projects “Canyon” and “Gold”.
  • Entries are sorted by project.
  • Several columns are hidden (by unchecking them under “Visible”).



Click on then to view details, update, rename, or delete a named bookmark.

To Use a Named Bookmark

  1. Press next to the current view name.
  2. Select from list of bookmarks.


TIP is shown next to the current view.

TIP Bookmarks are dependent on a view. If you lose access to a view, you lose any bookmarks that were based on that view.