Using LiveDataset

Edit data and create datasets you can share.


Quick Guide

See how you can quickly

  1. Create a dataset
  2. Add some data
  3. Create a read-only view
  4. Share with someone



  1. On your home page, press then .
  2. Give your dataset a name e.g. “New Dataset”.
  3. Press .
  4. Press Add and enter some data e.g. “Hello World”.
  5. Press to save your data changes.
  6. Press and select
  7. Give the view a name e.g. “View All”.
  8. Click “Adding & editing” tab.
  9. Check the option to “Make this view read-only”.
  10. Press to save this view.
  11. Press then .
  12. Enter an email address e.g. and press .

You just created a dataset, added some data, created a read-only view and shared it with someone.