Using LiveDataset

Edit data and create datasets you can share.


File Attachments

Datasets can hold file attachments as well as numeric and text data. Each attachment can be up to 25MB.

Storing attachments in a dataset can be used to

  • Organize documents
  • Control access to documents
  • Provide supplemental information
  • Include non-numeric/text data such as photographs
  • Show output from another business process

In the example below, documents can be stored in the “Business Case” column.

  • The number within () shows how many documents there are.


Working with Attachments

In the grid, double-click near the (). You will see a list of any documents, and you can:

  • Click on or the filename to download.
  • Click to delete the document. You will get the option to Undo delete .
  • Add attachments by clicking or dragging files into the area surrounded by dots.


TIP Dataset designers can add columns of type “File attachment” to datasets.

TIP Dataset designers can also attach files to a dataset’s description.