LiveDataset Overview

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Gathering Information from People


  • Information must be gathered from lots of people.
  • Emailing and collating spreadsheets wastes time and causes mistakes.
  • Getting IT to build a system would be over-kill and would take too long.


These examples show LiveDataset being used to gather information. Often the collected data then needs to be approved e.g. expenses and travel tracking.

How It Works

  • You can quickly create a dataset. It’s like adding column headers on a spreadsheet.
  • You invite people to enter their data using their browser. No emailing attachments.


  • You can easily see who has supplied data and who has not.
  • Everyone works with one consistent version of the data.
  • It is easy to update when needed.
  • Data can be easily filtered, sorted, imported, exported, and integrated with other systems


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