Using LiveDataset

Edit data and create datasets you can share.


Hide & Pin Columns

By default all regular columns in a dataset are shown. You might want to hide some columns:

  • So information fits more easily on your screen.
  • So you can focus on just a few columns for a specific task.

You can also pin some columns to the left, this can be particularly useful when there are a lot of columns and you want some key columns to always be visible as you scroll across.

To hide or pin columns, you can:

  • Use COLUMNS to do this temporarily.
  • Create a named bookmark to save these changes for your own use.
  • Or create a view to share with others.

Temporarily Hide & Pin Columns

  1. Press COLUMNS .
  2. Check the columns you want to Pin to left and Show.
  3. And uncheck columns you want to un-pin or hide.
  4. Then .


Create a Named Bookmark

A named bookmark lets you save and re-apply personalization changes for your own use.

  1. Click on , select .
  2. Name your bookmark, press Save .

See Bookmarks for more information.


Hide Columns Using a View

You can configure a view if you have design mode access.

To add a new view or modify an existing view:

  1. Press MORE then Modify view to switch into design mode.
  2. Select “Columns” tab.
  3. Select Customize column settings so you can specify which columns are shown.

The columns ‘checked’ under Visible will be shown.

  • Uncheck the columns you want to hide.
  • Then press

In the example below, the “Start” column will be hidden in this view.