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Example 3 Roles by Department

Three-Column People Dataset for Roles by department

You can add more columns to define access across more “dimensions”. You could have a 2-dimensional matrix where people have different roles and access to different departments like this:

Input Manager
Sales John
Marketing Jane Jane, Sue
Finance Sue

In this example, only managers can approve requests and they can only approve requests for the departments they manage.

Let’s go through the steps for how to set this up in LiveDataset.

Step 1: Create a people dataset to define the permissions with columns for role and department like this:


Step 2: Add a Manager view where: Role is Manager.


Creating the Manager view in the people dataset means that “Manager” will become available as a group when using this people dataset to define permissions.

Step 3: Create a dataset with some data requiring approval like this:


Step 4: In this dataset, create an Approval view that allows the Approved column to be edited.

Step 5: Set this Approval view to refer to the people dataset for defining permissions. Press MORE then Share view . Under “Group source”, select the people dataset.


Step 6: Press and select “Manager” as the group to receive access.

Step 7: Limit access to just the manager’s department data, by adding a constraint that the department in the dataset entry must match the department in the people dataset.

To do this

  • Within “Further data restrictions” click on Add a data restriction
  • Then select “Department” from both dropdowns.

To recap these steps:

  1. Create a people dataset
  2. Add a view that will become a group
  3. Create another dataset
  4. Add a view
  5. Set this view to use the people dataset
  6. Select the group
  7. Limit access to rows where department is a match

Simpler examples of people datasets: