Using LiveDataset

Edit data and create datasets you can share.


Add or Change Views

You need account admin access to add or modify a view, defining

  • What data can be accessed.
  • What people can do with the data.
  • How the data is presented.

TIP You don’t need account admin access to create yourself a bookmark

Add View

To add a new view

  1. Go to the dataset
  2. Press MORE then Modify view .
  3. Press Duplicate to create a new view as a copy of the current view.
  4. Give the view a new name, make your changes, and .



Modify View

Configure the view, using options on these tabs:

Add filters, selectors, sorting for this view.
Select Customize column settings to specify for this view which columns should be shown or read-only.
Use Edit for additional column settings: renaming, section heading, description, pinning, required.
Allow people using this view to edit, delete, or add entries — using grid or form.
Add a description to replace the dataset description or a tailored status message.

See Using Modify View for information about all the different configuration options for views.